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In the end there was nothing.

But then it had started with nothing.

So in a way,

It had gone full circle.

The words and laughter.

Smile and touch.

Love and friendship.

The you.

The bit in the middle,

Of the nothing.

Now it feels like a dream,

A shadow.

A figment of my imagination.

And I stare back at the nothing.

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This is absolutely beautiful. So heartfelt. I love it!

Rosekitn's Blog

Is the pause between my breaths
The song that fills my heart
The peace within my mind
The calm that quells my storm

Begins and ends me
Creates worlds within me
Sees every part of me
Then embraces it freely

Offers herself on his altar
Fulfills his wishes and hopes
Strengthens him
Adores him
Dreams of him)

There has never been
And never will be another us
We fill the spaces within worlds
Complete each other’s destinies
And create new possibility
We are love

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