Lying in his bed, thinking of her, pondering

Lying in his bed, thinking of her, pondering the wind that had swept into his life and lifted him above the destruction that had come to define his world, she somehow managed to love him.

Just over a year ago, he was alone and depressed, wondering how he always┬áseemed to end up here, no matter the effort or care taken to protect himself. Then, from nowhere, she became a thing, an indescribable wonder that soothed him, brought him peace. Initially, it seemed somehow wrong, too good to be true. Surely there was no way a beautiful, stable woman would give him the time of day. Not that there hadn’t been stability in his life in the past, it just seemed that stability came at inconvenient times, when he was unable to deal with the mess he had created in his own little world. This was a welcome change from the norm…



fairy tale

Hope had all but abandoned the boy, it seemed no more likely than finding the love he knew was out there somewhere. He took shelter as he could find it, always just barely surviving the cold, harsh world surrounding him. The universe held no place for a heart such as his, full of faith, full of love…and scarred from the years of wandering the woods alone. He was truly lost…

…to be continued